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Defining Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

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Defining Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
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With a projected divorce rate at around 50%, many couples include prenuptial agreements in their marriage discussions. Others may suggest a postnuptial agreement during a marriage. Here, we define these agreements and share their similarities and differences.

Prenuptial Agreements
A prenuptial or premarital agreement (prenup) is a written contract entered into prior to marriage and containing provisions for property division and spousal support in the event of divorce or marriage breakup. They can also include asset forfeiture based upon specific terms or actions, such as adultery. But they do not regulate issues relating to children. To create a prenuptial agreement, and ensure it is enforceable, both parties should be represented by attorneys.

A prenup as recognized in all 50 states and the District of Columbia must contain the following elements:
1. It is in writing
2. It is executed voluntarily
3. Full and fair disclosure is made at time of execution
4. The agreement cannot be unconscionable (immoral or unprincipled)
5. It must be executed by both parties, not their attorneys, before a notary public

Building provisions into prenuptial agreements to address support for a longer-lasting marriage or acknowledge sacrifice of a career or advancement opportunity to raise children can also mean greater protection in the event of divorce.

Postnuptial Agreements
A postnuptial agreement (postnup) is a written contract executed after a couple is married to settle affairs and assets in the event of a divorce or separation. They have risen in popularity since the 1970s.

There are essentially three types of postnuptial agreements:
1. Assignation of marital property when one spouse dies
2. Separation agreements
3. Agreements that attempt to affect rights in a future divorce

Sometimes a postnuptial agreement is used to save a troubled marriage, or to set new boundaries for conduct while ensuring that if misconduct (typically infidelity) occurs, moving forward with the separation and divorce is a smoother process. Postnuptial agreements can be amended at a later date if and as needed.

Rich or Poor Benefit
It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor; everyone’s situation is fluid and changing. Poor newlyweds may build an entrepreneurial business or be funded by family in their housing or careers, while wealthier couples may need to protect their accumulated wealth and ensure the marriage is founded on love and not money. Creating clear terms for how each spouse will treat these assets can make the difference in preserving the efforts to build the business or the family’s investment in you.

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High quality service with both personal and a professional touch

High quality service with both personal and a professional touch.

I would highly recommend their services, they helped prepare my estate in the event of my demise. They also prepared the necessary documents to complete my wife’s estate after her passing, both with outstanding results.

– Jim D.

Amazing Attorney, Highly Recommend

Amazing Attorney, Highly Recommend

After years of having my husband’s ex wife steam roll us through the court system we found Ms. Tichenor. Our life is so much better because of her. She is attentive to what you need, very knowledgeable of the law, aggressive where it counts, and more “on top” of things then any lawyer I have ever seen. We recently had a miscommunication with the child support agency and immediately called her again for help. The issue was resolved in 24 hours! Ms. Tichenor always will receive the highest recommendation from our family.

– Brian & Danielle M.

Very knowledgeable and always professional

I used this office for my divorce. My experience with this office was very good. They were very knowledgeable and always professional. I would highly recommend them.

– Debbie J.

We loved our experience


We loved our experience with Patricia’s Office and Staff. Everyone was truly helpful and very accommodating. We actually thought the process of our Wills would be a very hard assignment. Meeting with them ahead of time and going over initially the language and certain items that we should address was so helpful to us and helped us make the best decisions. It was a relatively easy process and I am very thrilled to have this done now. It gives me a sense of comfort. Also, the fact that we can call Patricia’s office anytime with further questions. They are so extremely helpful and I recommend them to my friends.

– Barbara D.


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