When is the right time to create my will or trust?

Many people postpone estate planning because they assume death is far off. But you never know when your time is up, so you must plan for the worst-case scenario. By the time they enter their mid-20s, most people have begun to accumulate assets or start families. To truly protect your loved ones and your estate, […]

How do you charge your fees?

For estate planning, we use a flat fee, by the document, approach. The flat fee varies, based on the complexity of the document being prepared. For other services, we may offer an hourly rate for services, and there may be a different hourly rate depending on the level and experience of our managing and associate […]

How long does it take to complete my estate plan?

Generally, we provide a first draft of your estate plan within two to three weeks of engagement, then it is up to you to review and suggest edits. Most estate plans are completed within 30-45 days. However, the Law Office of Patricia E. Tichenor, P.L.L.C. can expedite your estate plan if necessary (rush fees will […]