What does Family Law mean, and what is covered under it?

Family Law includes issues encompassing marriage and divorce, support, custody and visitation, adoption, step-parents’ rights, grandparents’ rights, paternity, and more, as it relates to minor children. It can also entail proper estate planning.  

Does separation mean one of us has to leave the house?

No. Separation is a mental state and an action to live like a spouse’s roommate, ceasing to hold yourself out to friends or family as a “married couple,” and putting them and your spouse on notice of your intentions and that those intentions are permanent in nature. You need only move into a separate bedroom, […]

Can my spouse just move out and stop paying any of our bills?

They may think they can, but they are still responsible in most cases. Nobody can legally abandon. If this happens, there are things you can do. For example, you can go to court to ask for emergency support, depending upon your financial circumstances.

Can you represent both me and my spouse in our family law case?

In family law cases, we never represent both spouses; this would create a permanent conflict of interest. Although some States allow an attorney to obtain a written waiver of conflict, this is not permissible in Virginia and, frankly, we agree with that restriction as it is too easily the case that one spouse may later […]

How quickly can you get me a divorce?

In divorce issues you can only control your own timeline; you can’t control the other side. We also have to take into consideration the legal timelines as set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia, especially in cases where children are involved. Unless there is a fault ground, like adultery, if you have minor children, you […]

Do you provide mediation services?

Patricia E. Tichenor can serve as a mediator; however, she is a neutral in that instance and can only help each side to work towards an agreement. Once that agreement is reached, it is up to one or both of the spouses to meet with their own, separate and independent attorney to review the mediated […]