How Do You Pick the Right Divorce Lawyer?
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How Do You Pick the Right Divorce Lawyer?
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Thinking about divorce? While it’s not a pleasant topic, it is an unfortunate reality for many couples. As divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Patricia E. Tichenor, we counsel parties through the sometimes intricate matters surrounding divorce, and have listened to their concerns and heeded their wishes concerning their interaction with the attorney as well as their case.

Common themes seem to recur, and their concerns will aid you in your search for the right divorce attorney for your case. I’ll share some of my tips here:

1. Interview your attorney. You want to find a comfortable synergy with your lawyer, since you will be working closely together and revealing intimate information. Make an appointment to discuss your case and see how you feel about working with that person. If it doesn’t feel right, look elsewhere.

2. Look for a straight shooter. Don’t choose an attorney who tells you want you want to hear. Select one who will tell you what you need to know in order to make your best decisions.

3. Don’t always assume litigation. A good divorce lawyer knows when to settle and when to litigate. It is more often a better solution to work out a settlement rather than go to court.

4. Make sure they are interested in you. Unfortunately, some lawyers look at divorce cases for the money they’ll make rather than taking a genuine interest in the client and your best interest. Find one who looks out for your bottom line, not their own.

5. Seek empathy. A good attorney understands that “winning” is also “losing.” Anyone going through divorce is most likely losing something: a marriage, a partner, custody or visitation, a lifestyle, and assets. It is a time of great unsettlement and often grief, and you should not feel as if you are ramrodded through a system. Seek an attorney whom you feel offers understanding of what you are going through and options for resolution.

6. Expect education. Hire an attorney who will educate you on the ramifications of your actions between you and your child, you and your ex-spouse, and the process of divorcing. You should feel comfortable asking questions and expect to receive answers and explanations.

7. Require personalization. Cookie-cutter approaches to custody schedules and visitations don’t work. Your attorney should look at your particular situation and devise a plan of action that works for you, your children and your ex-spouse.

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