It’s with GREAT PLEASURE that I write this review. Contemplating divorce was not easy and thinking about which lawyer to hire was another daunting task. I am thankful to a dear friend and renowned corporate attorney (Michael Horwatt) who recommended Patricia. From the minute I spoke to her I knew I wanted her to represent me. Patricia’s experience spoke volumes and her focus was on what mattered the most, myself and my children, and getting custody and support to protect us. Patricia has been there by my side in this long drawn out divorce of mine that has taken 7 years supporting me through this difficult process on how I wanted this case handled respecting my situation.There has been lot of back and forth over the years and she was always there and available. I am eternally grateful for having Patricia who has worked hard and diligently on my behalf.
I am very grateful I found the best divorce attorney Patricia Tichenor. Truly professional, considerate, understanding, and just brilliant. Patricia’s legal expertise is truly commendable and anyone who takes the opportunity to speak to her will recognize that instantly. I have referred others to Patricia in the recent past and will continue to do so. Those who have met with her all shared with me how impressed they were with her legal expertise as well on how quickly she was able to handle their legal matters.