My husband and I went to see Patricia Tichenor regarding our wills and estate planning. We were leaving to go to Europe and had no legal documents regarding our financials. Patricia was great, very easy to talk with, caring and professional. She explained the legalities and gave us an advice on how to structure our wills. My will, especially, was very complicated and long. I had to make provisions for my “special needs” daughter; Patricia incorporated this into the will which gave me a peace of mind. The documents were done quickly and efficiently. Camellia who was also wonderful, handled all the forms and prepared drafts for our review. Drafts were sent by e-mails, and Patricia and I went over each paragraph by phone. Patricia was patient and took her time to explain the language of the will. I had tons of questions, and she was able to address everyone. She also made very practical suggestions regarding long term health plans, and even touched up on pet’s issues and insurance. We will always consider Patricia “our attorney”. She has helped my husband before with some other legal issues, and had always been compassionate, kind and caring. She handles everything with ease and humor. She can be very funny and will make you laugh! She is a good spirit, a wise woman and an excellent attorney. Thank you for your diligence and your kindness.